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On 12 acres of pastures our horses and poneys live in semi natural conditions. The herd consist of about ten animals, each with their own personality and features.
We can organise walks and courses under the supervision of our own capable monitors. They can also help you with sessions of hippotherapy and adapted riding for individuals, groups, schools and institutions.
In the future we expect to start making tours with our horses and carriages. We already have the carriages (even one that's adapted for wheelchairs) but our horses and drivers still need some more preparation. In the meantime we use a tractor instead of the horses.
Our regular courses take place on Wednesday afternoon (as of 2pm) and Saturday morning (as of 10am).
Pricing (private persons):
Membership: 15€ per year(September - August) + insurance (we can organise this via FFE)
Private course: per half hour: 15€ for 1 person / 20€ for 2 persons (1 horse) or 25€ (2 horses)
Normal course (group): per hour: 15€ per person (12€ per person via multi-session card for 5 or 10 sessions)
Tour in the woods: per hour: 15€ per person (minimum 2 persons)
- Baby-pony (3 to 6 years): per half hour: 10€ per person (help of parents required)
Prices (institutions & schools):
Pony's: 25€ per hour (1 instructor) or 35€ per hour (2 instructors) for max. 5 children
Horses: 30€ per hour (1 instructor) or 40€ per hour (2 instructors) for max. 5 persons
Hugging: 20€ per hour (1 instructor)
our horses & poneys
rust, paarden en zoveel meer - quiétude, chevaux et bien plus - peace, horses and much more
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